The Relics

The Comic

The Relics is scifish story done in a slice of life style.
Call it magic realism, if that's easier.
The comic updates with a new chapter once a month.
Every three updates will be collected into a comic book.
At the end (mid-late 2011), all 12 will be collected into a "graphic novel."

The Characters
Harmony is a college student, originally from the east coast.  Joshua is her professor.  Bryan is an old friend of Johua's daughter.
Their complicated personal dynamic and their relationship with Santa Salida's strange history form the basis for our story.

The Setting
Santa Salida is a small town in northern California, an hour or two drive from the Bay Area. It is named for El Circulo de la Santa Salida, a mysterious device apparently used by the region's Loma people to phase between dimensions.  After several clashes with the Spanish, the Loma vanished in the late 18th century.
You can learn a bit more about it in Harmony's documentary.

The Creator
My name is Kane.  I graduated from UC Santa Cruz and now I live in Berkeley.  You can learn more about me at my main website.

Other questions?  Drop me a line!

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